You decide what you want to see

In the universe many different objects can be found. For example, there are planets close to and far away from planet earth. Every telescope has it's own specialty. In the Frank's tips below you will find the recommendations for different types of observation. This way you do not have to search long before you can observe the moon or planets!


Do you not have much experience as an astronomer and would you like to see the moon up close? Moon observations do not require a very advanced telescope. The moon is relatively close to earth and therefore clearly visible with a refractor telescope. Frank's tip for moon observations is the Bresser Jupiter 70/700 refractor telescope. This choice is based on the fact that several accessories are included with this telescope. This way you get three different eyepieces. In addition, a moon card is included, on this map you will find information about the landscape on the moon. With this telescope you can easily observe the mountains, craters and seas on the moon.

View the Bresser Jupiter 70/700

Moon and nearby planets

Do you also wish to observe a number of nearby planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, besides the moon? For a telescope with such qualities we recommend the Bresser Messier AR 90/900 with EXOS1. This refractor telescope is lightweight and therefore you can easily take it with you on location. Various accessories that will simplify your observations are included, such as a finderscope and dovetail. Furthermore, you will receive a planisphere, this is a map that indicates where celestial bodies are located in the time of year.

  1. View the Bresser Messier AR 90/900 with EXOS1

Planets and nebulae

If you want to be able to view all the planets properly, you need a rather advanced telescope. We have selected the telescope with the best price-quality ratio for you. Frank's tip for a catadioptric telescope that can view all planets and nebulae is the Celestron NexStar 6SE. The NexStar 6SE is equipped with a GoTo-system and tracking motor, allowing 40,000 objects to be found and tracked automatically. Moreover, it is a sturdy telescope that is not too heavy, so you can easily take it on location.

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Deep sky

Do you want to be able to observe nebulae in addition to all the planets? Then you need a high-end model telescope. In our shop you are at the right address for the high-end telescope with the best price-quality ratio. Frank's tip for a telescope suitable for Deep Sky objects is the Meade LX90-ACF 8 inch catadioptric telescope. This telescope includes Meades Advanced Coma Free optics, making the image of high quality. Moreover, the telescope is equipped with an extensive GoTo-system and the option for an audio tour.

  1. View the Meade LX90-ACF 8"